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The truth about pasture only diets revealed!

The natural feeding habit of the horse is to eat small amounts of roughages often. A forage only diet is deficient in several critical vitamins and minerals and therefore horses must be supplemented to meet these nutrient requirements. The intake of minerals and vitamins are vital to the performance, growth, immune function and reproduction of […]

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Pasture management for horses with metabolic disorders

Pasture management for horses with metabolic related disorders

Research has shown that pasture-induced laminitis occurs at times of rapid grass growth.  The accumulation of certain carbohydrates including fructans, starches, and sugars (Non-Structural Carbohydrates, NSC) in pasture forage during the spring, early summer and fall, particularly after rainfall precipitate this laminitis. Therefore we must carefully manage pasture turnout and forage intake in horses and […]

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soaking hay

Does soaking hay really reduce carbohydrate content?

Hay is the primary component of the equine diet. In recent years with the increased incidence of metabolic disorders such as laminitis and insulin resistance the carbohydrate content of hay has come into question. Pasture-associated laminitis is currently thought to be a sequel to over- consumption of certain carbohydrate fractions in forages, potentially associated with […]

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Feeding the hot or fizzy horse

Feeding the hot or fizzy Horse

Most horse owners have heard the terms  ‘feeling their oats‘,‘high’, ‘fizzy’, ‘hot’ and  ‘hyper’ all used to describe the effect that grain or certain feeds seem to have on the behaviour of some horses.  Does feeding management or individual feed ingredients really influence the behaviour of horses?  Scientific research on the effects of feed or […]

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Feeding the pony

Feeding the Pony

Officially a pony is a small horse that measures less than 14 hands with different conformation and temperament when compared to horses. Horses and ponies are generally lumped together in regard to feeding and nutrition and it is true that they indeed belong to the same species and have the same digestive system. However, the […]

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Micrbeet - feed

Beet pulp – a true super fibre

What is Beet pulp? Beet pulp is a by-product of the sugar industry.  Beet pulp is rich in fibre and is unique in its form as it is soluble fibre and highly digestible.  Beet pulp is fermented in the large intestine of the horse similar to hay, pasture and chaff.  However, since the fibre in […]

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