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  • Antioxidants for horses

    Antioxidants for your horse – nature’s own protection

    Vitamin E and selenium – a vitamin and a mineral. On first glance these two compounds appear to be very different from each other. However, on closer examination it turns out that they have something in common, they are examples of antioxidants.   What is an antioxidant? Antioxidant is a term that is seen more […]

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  • Are you adding salt to your horse’s diet?

    An average 500kg horse has a daily requirement of 10 grams of sodium and 40 grams of chloride on a cool day doing no work (NRC, 2007). Bump the work level up to moderate and those requirements increase to 17.8 grams and 53.3 grams respectively and this does not account for hot weather. These two […]

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