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Nutrient deficiencies in horses - Horses in paddock

Nutrient Deficiencies in Equine Diets

Horses, like all animals, have a range of nutrient requirements to meet their daily needs. If these minimum requirements are not met, the horse may experience deficiency symptoms. The severity of the deficiency symptoms may depend on the degree of the deficiency and the time period over which the deficiency exists. A sub-clinical deficiency may […]

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Hygain skin allergies

How to feed horses with skin allergies

An allergy is an exaggerated response from the immune system to a substance in the environment, called an allergen. Horses can become allergic to things they eat, inhale and touch or through insect bite hypersensitivity. Horses that react to insect bites and other skin allergens may develop hives, itching, hair loss, scaling and crusting of […]

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know your horses vital signs

Know your horse’s vital signs

Everybody who owns, rides or handles horses should know their horse’s vital signs. These simple checks will help tell if your horse is healthy or if you will have to call the vet. By being able to tell your veterinarian these simple but crucial parameters during an emergency (often when you have to give information […]

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The truth about pasture only diets revealed!

The natural feeding habit of the horse is to eat small amounts of roughages often. A forage only diet is deficient in several critical vitamins and minerals and therefore horses must be supplemented to meet these nutrient requirements. The intake of minerals and vitamins are vital to the performance, growth, immune function and reproduction of […]

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The perfect topline in horses - HYGAIN

Developing a Healthy Topline

How to get your horse that perfect topline is what we are all after, but first we must understand what a topline is! The topline of the horse includes the withers, back loin (or coupling), and croup. Strength of topline and loin muscles also influences soundness and athletic ability. The topline will vary in length […]

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Body Condition Scoring Chart

The Art of Body Condition Scoring

All horse owners want their horses to be healthy, look good and be physically fit athletes. Nutritional management is a simple, yet cost effective tool that we can apply to ensure, improved performance and health in our horses. Body condition scoring serves as an effective tool to determine the nutritional needs of your horse. Using […]

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Food allergies in horses - Pony grazing

Food Allergies in Horses

With what seems to be a rise in food allergies in humans we find ourselves asking does my horse have a food allergy? In this article we will discuss what a food allergy is, how can we determine if our horse suffers from one and finally what we can do about the problem. Before we […]

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