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We are proud of you!

We are extremely proud of our customers that have taken the initiative to make a positive change in their horse’s lives, promoting health, well-being and happiness!

A special thank you to all those who shared their wonderful stories with us, we are over the moon to see and hear how well our feeds have worked for your horses!!

Help us spread the love and send us your success story! 🙂

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Smoochies Magic

(Courtney, Feb 2018)

To the team at Hygain, I just wanted to share with you some of the amazing things I’ve achieved with my horses since introducing Hygain Smoochies in to our training. I’ve not always used treats as a training aid, however having ponies who don’t require much hard feed but still need some nourishment, when I saw Smoochies on the shelf at my local stockfeed store I felt like it was the perfect product for us. Luckily my horses agreed, and have been loving Smoochies ever since.

All the horses you’ll see in these videos have only been in training for a very short time, less than six months. All are trained using gentle techniques and the reward of Smoochies. I love this product and recommend it at all my workshops. Hope you enjoy seeing the magic moments Smoochies helped create ♡☆

Courtney Lou – Kokoro Horsemanship



Show ready in only 2 months

(Rachael, Feb 2018)

Oreo is a 4 year old thoroughbred gelding, I got him off the track about 9 months ago now, I have him a 6 month spell and then started his education for his new career. His heart just wasn’t in racing, he only had 2 starts and a few trials, but luckily for him and I he had smart owners that decided to not push him to do something that he didn’t want to do.

I have been bringing him on very slowly because I always struggled to get him to gain weight, being a young horse he’s still growing too. I tried a few different feeds with him and didn’t have the success I would normally have with those feeds so decided to contact Hygain for some advice. He is now on HYGAIN TRU CARE, HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL, lucerne chaff, salt and ad lib hay. He has changed a lot over the last 2 months on this diet and I am so happy, being show season I might add in Hygain RBO also.

He has started show season very well and I can’t wait until he is at his best in weight and condition. I’m hoping he will have a successful showing, dressage and jumping career in the future.

Thanks so much to Alice from Hygain!


From racehorse to equestrian horse

(Stephanie, Feb 2018)

This is my new OTT mare Hildi, that I hope will become my new eventer. She turned 4 years old end of November. I purchased her about three weeks ago and put her straight on to HYGAIN TRU GAIN and HYGAIN TRU CARE with lucerne chaff, and she she’s slowly putting on weight every week! It hasn’t upset her gut and has not made her hot. She absolutely loves her feed and hangs around the gate every morning and doesn’t leave a scrap behind!

Stephanie Afif – Red Luna Equestrian


Blooming in no time

(Jo, Dec 2017)

Hygain, not just about Feeding Champions, but everyone’s beloved horse.

Firstly I’ve always used Mitavite until your QLD rep switched me over to Hygain Tru Care for my old rescue ex-champion barrel racer.

He was emaciated and full of worms. Within days of me treating his worm infestation and getting him on a good balanced feeding schedule he was blooming in no time.

The before picture is from June 2017 and the after picture from December 2017, still only a paddock ornament but a champion in my eyes. 2 months in using HYGAIN TRU CARE, not bad for paddock condition and 20 years old! Thank you for an amazing product!”


Fast results!

(Tahlia, Nov 2017)

I purchased ‘Jerry’ back in February 2017. I have an immediate soft spot for OTTB’s and I saw a lot of potential in him.

When I brought him home he had no top line, he was very underweight, ribs showing, extremely sunken hind and his coat and hooves were dull and undernourished.

I needed a product that was going to work fast. My local produce recommended HYGAIN TRU GAIN, I took it home and started adding it to his daily feed. Within one month thanks to Hygain and exercise I seen a life changing difference for him. His coat was this shiny beautiful red bay colour, his top line had improved, but most of all his condition was really starting to change.

I have now been using Hygain for 10 months. My horse is beautiful, healthy, shiny and happy! I recommend Hygain to everyone. This product has truly changed my horses life.



The golden horse!

(Michelle, Nov 2017)

My palomino mare had no topline at all 6 weeks ago and her coat was gross, along with HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE and work she’s come out fantastic.
I’ve got people stopping me and asking what I feed. In the last 2 weekends she’s won championship ridden Hunter Galloway both times!
Also, my mare and 2 week old foal are on HYGAIN TRU BREED. I’ve never used such a great feed, my mares coat is glowing and foal growing nicely.


Nurtured back to life!

(Courtney, Nov 2017)

effective horse weight gain diet

I would just like to say thank you.

In July I sent an email in about diet advice for my Thoroughbred ex racer who I adopted and was trying to give a better life. She was sick because her previous owner did not feed, love or get her the things she needed.

After months and months of being on HYGAIN TRU GAIN, HYGAIN TRU CARE, HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL and HYGAIN RBO she looks amazing. I cannot say thank you enough. She is a completely different girl and she is so much happier.

Again, thank you so much. She really is evidence of your products amazing work! The first picture is when I first got her, when she needed the most help and love. The second is a picture I took today. Thank you so much.



HYGAIN saving horses' lives!!

(Jessica, Oct 2017)

In February of this year he had a paddock incident where he severed his coronet band, there was splinters jammed between his coronet band and his laminae as well as a nasty deep wound. This resulted in a bone infection in his coffin bone.
He was stabled for a total of 4 months, underwent two different surgeries, casted, poked, prodded and drugged. As you can imagine he lost a lot of weight, mainly in the first few weeks.
Then afterwards due to stabling and next to no energy output he was fed the bare minimum. Mainly roughage to keep his tummy happy. Once we were given the all clear to be padlocked again and start a light work regime I had no questions or hesitations in what feed would get him back to optimum health.
We have fed Hygain for years. I chose HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE at the start due to the increased biotin for his hooves. He was fed HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE for about 4 months when I switched to HYGAIN ICE at the recommendation of my vet because his feet were in such good health they were growing so fast!! So now we feed Ice with Micrlupins and we haven’t looked back. He is calm, cool, responsive and ready to work.

I can’t thank Hygain enough for helping me save my horses life and for looking after my horse internal wise on his rehabilitation journey to becoming a performance horse again!



Never seen results like this!

(Sarah, Oct 2017)

Not having used HYGAIN before but thought I’d give it a go as the HYGAIN GROTORQUE has everything I needed for my now 9 1/2 month old. Could not be happier thanks so much!

I’ve never seen results like this before. When I washed her on the weekend I was also surprised to see the water naturally beading off her. I don’t moisturize or condition her coat any other way except feed so just shows how well it produces natural oils.



2 week Gleam trial!

(Nikki, Oct 2017)

Our horses are all fed a complete Hygain diet at our stud.

Not quite a month ago we incorporated HYGAIN GLEAM to our diets. This photo was taken yesterday of two yearlings.

The black horse shows the results so well. He lives unrugged, out in a paddock and is also ungroomed in this photo.

Very happy with our feeding regime and the support from the Hygain nutritionists and reps

My pleasure and yes happy for you to share so others can see the results.

Our staple diet here for our horses consists of HYGAIN ICE, HYGAIN TRU GAIN, HYGAIN BALANCED, and HYGAIN GLEAM.


My new golden horse

(Jessica, Oct 2017)

About 6 weeks ago my stockhorse x quarter horse mare, Melody came back from the trainers in winter and dropped off a lot in muscle and fat. Shes only 6 years old and had a very dull coat with no shine what so ever and I’ve been supplementing her diet with HYGAIN TRU GAIN.

After week 4 I noticed a massive difference in her colour. Its now starting to get more golden and shes now having to have her food cut back so she doesn’t get to over weight.



11 Day change!

(Jess, Sep 2017)

11 days on Hygain, look at this!
hollows are starting to visibily fill out
coat is already very shiny
he’s got his spunk and pep back

HYGAIN TRU CARE and HYGAIN RBO with a dash of salt.. So easy even my hubby can do it!

Thanks everyone at Hygain!




From wollie to gleamy!

(Karen, Sep 2017)

Your product is amazing, HYGAIN GLEAM turned my woollie rough coated yearling into a gleaming gorgeous girl in 2 weeks 😍

Thank you for such a wonderful product





HYGAIN GLEAM is incredible!

(Bronte, Aug 2017)

Just want to say HYGAIN GLEAM is incredible!

Made my horse sparkle in the sun and he coat is so healthy…. Before and after gleam, HYGAIN TRU GAIN and HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE and HYGAIN RBO.

…. love all Hygain products!




Wish I started feeding HYGAIN sooner!

(Kristen, Aug 2017)


I just wanted to write to you to say I LOVE HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE!!
I sold a filly a bit over 12 months ago, circumstances changed and I was lucky enough to purchase her back.
Nikki is a solid PHAA reg paint horse, she was my halter horse and i bought her back with the hope of competing her again. Sadly when I got her home, she was “matey” and I did not want to encourage this habit. So I separated her from my other horse of a night.
We could NOT get her to eat… she would eat grass and nibble on a little hay, but turned her nose up at everything else.
After 3 days I drove into town and looked at all the feed books at the produce stores. After consideration I thought HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE looked great. Nikki polished it off! She has eaten every bit of her feed ever since. Therefore, helping her settle and be happy to be stables now!
She absolutely loves It, which means I love It!
For a horse who still has a winter coat I think she is looking pretty damn good and we will continue using It! I only regret I never came across it sooner.



My horses look 100% all the time!

(Dana, Aug 2017)

Thank you Hygain!

I’ve always prepared my Purebred Arabian gelding Lewis on HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE or HYGAIN ICE. Making him cool headed & looking amazing I can’t thank you enough for answering my endless question when I call the nutritional hotline! Thank you again for making a feed that suits so well & always making sure my horse looks 100%!

Lewis has been on HYGAIN since a weanling (HYGAIN GROTORQUE). The latest show he attended he did very well , prepared on HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE of course .

I adore Lewis beyond words and can’t thank HYGAIN enough for making a feed that agrees and is safe for him


Hygain has changed our world!

(Bec, Aug 2017)

Hygain Tru Care weight gain for horses complete feed amazing results


Ok, this is a basic progress report of Larundel Lilly my 16 year old WB.

First picture (top left) was taken not long after I bought her. The second picture (top right) two weeks after putting her on HYGAIN TRU CARE.

She just gets better and better.  I get excited to take the rugs of to see what she looks like because the change is amazing. Topline is coming up so fast without the fizz in her attitude. Love HYGAIN TRU CARE! Best feed I have ever tried and I have tried just about everything on the market. Thanks so much!

The third picture (bottom left) was taken 8 weeks after changing her diet. And the last photo (bottom right) is her now!

Lilly looks absolutely amazing! She has been on HYGAIN TRU CARE for 6 months with amazing results. I am a para dressage rider and need a steady mount. Lilly gets worked twice a week with no fizz just mind on the job. She is happy and healthy.  I am ecstatic! Thanks Hygain!

And thank you Owen for your advice.  You have changed our world!

Cheers. Bec.


Getting him through winter better than ever!

(Bridgette, Aug 2017)

Hygain tru gain super weight gain product high fat for horses

Hey guys ,

I feed my boy HYGAIN TRU GAIN and he has pulled through winter beautifully.

Honestly it has been the only product that has dramatically improved his weight after he came off the track .





Looking the best he's ever looked!

(Dimity, Jul 2017)

Hygain tru gain success with horse

Good morning,

I just thought I would share with you how beautiful your feed has the stallion “Wow Wie Looking”. He’s about to start competing Grand Prix in September and you’re feed has him looking the best he’s ever looked.

He is eating the Hygain Allrounder as I can feed him as much as he needs and he never gets heated on the food. If he ever needs fattening a little I supplement with the HYGAIN TRU GAIN.

Thank you!


No more scouring!

(Bev, Jul 2017)

After 1.5yrs of my pony scouring daily… washing his tail and bottom sometimes twice a day… spending a fortune on vet bills and supplements… I came across Annette Ward a HYGAIN rep.

Annette recommended SAFEGUARD EQ. Very skeptical and nothing to lose I purchased some….

Day3 scouring stopped

Day 5 pony relaxed and so much happier…

3 weeks on he is a pleasure to ride and handle.

Thanks guys!



6 week transformation

(Alyssa, Jun 2017)

The image at the bottom is of my weedy, stunted 2 year old Chester. Its been just 6 weeks since we brought him back from spell after being broken in and I am absolutely over the moon with him! He is looking amazing!

He has a mix of HYGAIN TRU GAIN and HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE along with triple mixed chaff and grassy Lucerne hay. I’m so happy with the progress we have had with Hygain feeds. The results were visible from just seven days!

I especially appreciate the support from Hygain staff who are there for us every step of the way!


More bang for your buck!

(Amelia, Jun 2017)

Got this boy injured off the track less than a month ago. Obviously spelling so lost muscle condition. But been on HYGAIN TRU GAIN, HYGAIN TRU CARE and chaff for a month. I don’t think we need the HYGAIN TRU GAIN anymore

I honestly always tried so hard to find the most cost effective feeding regimes and HYGAIN is  expensive but from the moment I tried it the results spoke for themselves. Although the food costs more I need far less of it to get the results I want which ends up saving anyway!



From dull to gloss in 2 weeks

(Michelle, May 2017)

I just wanted to share with you the photo’s of Ronan’s Hygain transformation!

Ronan has been thriving on the diet you have recommended. He’s put weight and muscle back on, his is itch has completely cleared and his coat has come back glossy and almost black!

He is now in full dressage training again and working at a moderate level 5-6 days a week..

So the before pic was taken mid-March and the bottom photo was taken after being fed HYGAIN BALANCED and HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL for only 2 weeks. Since that date he has been fed your recommendation of 750gm HYGAIN BALANCED and 500gm HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL plus hay.

This is the first time I’ve used Hygain before and I am now converted!!



A Hygain Feed for every horse!

(Carly, Apr 2017)

Hygain Tru Gain transformation in horse - weight gain

Just wanted to say thank you!!! I’ve been feeding HYGAIN TRU GAIN for two months! The results speak for themselves!! My OTT thoroughbred has been being treated naturally for ulcers, in combination with HYGAIN TRU GAIN… The results are amazing!





A Hygain Feed for every horse!

(Megan, Mar 2017)

horse condition transformation horse feed

Whereas HYGAIN TRU GAIN and HYGAIN TRU CARE have worked beautifully for me on the past with ott horses, it never seemed to work with Chinook. After ulcers and teeth were ruled out, I tried him on simply HYGAIN MICRBARLEY and HYGAIN BALANCED, with a side of bran. Gave me results that just amazed me. Have always loved Hyain feeds and am glad that, even when the norm for what normally works for conditioning didn’t work, I was still able to find something from the brand I love that still worked just simply as well. Thank you Hygain, from both Chinook and I.




A breathtaking transformation!

(Nicole, Mar 2017)

Nicole M - Before & After

Mon Amour came to us as a rescue horse. He was in extremely poor condition. The photo below was taken 6 weeks after he was rescued and he had gained a considerable amount of weight, although still very poor compared to normal standards.

The feed was introduced gradually and increased over a period of weeks. We were aware of not feeding too many different things – just keeping it simple. So he was on a diet of HYGAIN TRU CARE and HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL. He steadily gained condition and after about 10 weeks he was fit to start light work.

Over the following 12 months, Mon Amour transformed into a beautiful horse. With the help of Hygain feeds, he made a very successful debut to the show ring.

In 2016, Mon Amour was awarded the NT Small Hack of the Year and also went on to win the Supreme Champion Hack at the Royal Darwin Show.

Thank you to Hygain for producing quality feeds and helping Mon Amour reach his full potential.



You have to feed the best, if you want the best

(Julie, Feb 2017)

Hygain Tru Gain - horse Weight gain - Before and After

I purchased my mare from the Echuca Sales in late August 2016… She arrived here in Tassie in the most shocking condition, so i immediately started her on HYGAIN TRU GAIN and SAFEGUARD EQ and then gradually increased the amount of hard feed as her body got used to being fed, hard feeds an supplements.

… from the first photo which was taken the day she arrived Sept 1st 2016 to the last November 2016, the change in her appearance and condition has been amazing all thanks to Hygain Feeds

She has been fed the recommmended amount of HYGAIN TRU GAIN and SAFEGUARD EQ since the first day of owning her, she is now glowing and is a picture of health…

I feed all my horses on Hygain Products and they all are in top condition, healthy and happy.

The results of feeding Hygain to your horses speaks for itself


In 6 weeks a picture of health

(Martine, Jan 2017)

Martine - Before and After

Thank you HYGAIN, for a truly great feed.

I got my 16 year old Clydie X – a previous brood mare who was neglected and in not very good condition in August. She was very ribby, had a terrible dull coat with rain scald and her feet were in terrible condition – the worst I have ever seen.  After starting her on HYGAIN TRU CARE and after about 6 weeks I could really notice a huge difference in her.  Her coat improved, rain scald disappeared and started to show dapples; the hooves started to repair and looked so much better.

What I like about this feed is that it so easy to use.  I added water to it to soften it up and also add a scoop of chaff, my mare licks the bucket clean, she just loves it.  I would really recommend this to any horse owner.

Big thumb’s up from me HYGAIN Team – thank you.



Nothing but the TRUTH!

(Kathy, Jan 2017)

tru gain for topline in horses reviewSo it is true! Trugain DOES build top line!

Ive used HYGAIN TRU GAIN for 6 months now on a rescue Thoroughbred and decided to do some comparison photos. I see him every day but looking at the photos it’s incredible to believe it’s the same horse! Great product and all the horses (and the naughty dogs) love it!

Thanks for playing a big part in this kathy-before-and-after2beautiful boys rehab ❤️








Amazing condition throughout pre and post birth

(Caren, Dec 2016)

Hygain tru breed review feeding the pregnant mare and foalThis is Twiggy and Peach. Twiggy has had nothing but HYGAIN TRU BREED during her pregnancy and you guys have been amazing with feeding advice.

Peach loves Twiggy’s Tru Gain too. Thank you for producing a feed that has kept this mum in good condition throughout her pregnancy and continues to keep her in excellent condition post birth 🙂






An amazing come back after a stomach infection!

(Jayde, Dec 2016)

hygain review on tru care before and after resultsHello Hygain team!

I just wanted to tell you how amazing your feeds have been in helping both my Thoroughbreds in weight and muscle gain throughout the winter.  I have noticed a massive change in my 15 year old geldings weight, top line, coat and attitude! Over three months I fed both my boys HYGAIN TRU GAIN and HYGAIN TRU CARE and they are now looking the best i have ever seen them! Zeus had a major stomach infection and has made a great come back and you can see from the top and bottom pictures he is no longer skinny and ribby but is now looking incredible!

Thanks again Hygain you have one happy customer 🙂



My almost 28 year old mare has never looked this good!

(Michele, Dec 2016)

Hygain Showtorque and Tru Gain weight gain resultsI just want to share with you my success story feeding HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE and HYGAIN TRU GAIN to my TB gelding.

When I got him I tried so many feeds to try and get him to gain weight. It only took a short time to see the difference, now I will only feed Hygain. The after photo is him only 6 weeks after changing his diet.



My almost 28 year old mare has never looked this good!

(Jacklyn, Dec 2016)

 jacklyn-afterMy mare has recently had to have a number of teeth removed due to old age and as such I wanted to change her feed in order to prevent choke as well as improve her overall condition and health. As well as this my mare also suffers from chronic lower ring bone in the front pasterns and slight arthritis in the rear.

What attracted me to the HYGAIN TRU CARE was not only the palatability and ability to reduce to a mash, but also the fact that it has additives within that are designed to aid in such conditions such as arthritis !

My mare has always been a relatively poor doer and has always been a bit ribby although after only a month of feeding HYGAIN TRU CARE I noticed a significant improvement in her mobility as well as she seemed happier, was even gaining weight as well as having more of a sheen to her coat.


Transforming a horse into a prince!

(Hanna, Dec 2016)

 improve condition and coat shine on horse dull coatI would just like to say a massive thank you for making such awesome feeds available .
This is my quarter horse gelding “Docs Hoochy”. When I purchased Hoochy in early July he was in poor condition ,with a dull coat , quite light on and was overall very dull . We immediately started him on HYGAIN BALANCED and the results are amazing . He now has a beautiful coat and is performing amazingly.
Last weekend he helped me to win the National Rodeo Association Rodeo Princess title for 2017. The judges were all asking me what I feed him .
I always get comments on how awesome he looks, and I always say that his Hygain feed has greatly contributed towards this .
Thankyou 😊

The best from the very start

(Emma, Nov 2016)

15271707_1525155020835033_2010004356_o 15208064_1525154970835038_2134434901_n

Meet Zarah and her beautiful girl “Bizz Whizz”!!

Zarah and now Bizz have only been fed Hygain. Zarah is on TRU BREED, MICRBEET, BALANCED, chaff and hay. Mare and foal are in excellent condition and Bizz is now starting on her own hard feed.

🙂 thank you. Would never feed anything else



Feeds that do wonders!

(Taylor, Nov 2016)

horse quick and effective weight gain

Hi there!
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to your company for the outstanding results in my gelding I purchased off an old friend who neglected their horse an left it in a paddock to starve for 8 months!
This is Fredo , I’ve had him for 4 months now and this is his progress. He is currently on HYGAIN TRU GAIN and Allrounder these feeds have done nothing but wonders and I will be forever thankful!

✨ Thank you

Committed for life!

(April, October 2016)

Hygain feed review before and after horse

I just wanted to say a huge thank you! You truly are experts in what you do I wouldn’t know where I would be without your feed, it takes the guess work out and sure does make a huge difference even in a short period of time!

I was given this beautiful boy he went through a rough trot & lost his best friend & ended up on his own he wouldn’t eat & was naturally a poor doer. I have slowly introduced your feed & he has loved it from day one he honestly can’t get enough of it! He is currently on HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE & HYGAIN BALANCED along with combo chaff and has free run of the paddock & a round bale.

This is him the day before I started & again exactly two months on I am over the moon with his results & can’t wait until he is back to his full potential!

I honestly have never found or used a feed better than yours not only has it delivered results the time frame in which you can achieve these in are amazing! Not to mention its fantastically priced. Would highly recommend your products to anybody & will continue to use for as long as I have horses. Also the support/advice your team offer is above & beyond. Thank you for all that everyone at Hygain do for taking out the guess work & providing the very best for our horses! I am more than happy to keep you updated!

Cheers April


Shining with HYGAIN Balanced

(Leanne, October 2016)

customer review hygain balanced very shiny coat

I just thought I would let you know that I switched my young horse toHYGAIN BALANCED a couple of months ago as he can be a fatty but also gets ulcer trouble, he’s a worry wort. lol

He currently is just in pasture and 1 small feed a day with the recommended amount and has been out of work. Today I stripped off his rug and just did a little ground work and I not only found a horse that looks amazing but his brain seems to be in a good place as well.

Cheers Leanne


Shining with HYGAIN Balanced

(Nicola, September 2016)


After 2 to 3 months on HYGAIN BALANCED my boy Skip is in mint condition. I chose Balanced for Skip as he needs to eat a feed that won’t put on body weight but will give him all the nutrients he needs, and he is a very shiny boy from this great feed.




HYGAIN to the rescue!

(Zoe, August 2016)

Horse before and after photo - weight gain horses

Jacko is an ex-racehorse thoroughbred who is rising the big 8 years old. We are focusing on the eventing and show jumping area. Jacko is heading in the direction of eventing because of his bold character and lovely paces. His previous feed was a scoop of Maxi-soy and 2 handfuls of fibre ezy.

Thanks to Lydia Quay, our coach, Hygain was introduced to Jacko’s diet and now he is looking amazing! We began feeding him Hygain to see if it will increase his energy levels and weight. He is currently being fed: 1 scoop of HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL, 1 scoop of HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE, 1 scoop of HYGAIN TRU GAIN and 2 scoops of meadow chaff. As you can tell by the pictures Jacko’s condition has improved significantly and we are so thankful that Hygain has come to the rescue.


No more choke!!

(Hannah, August 2016)

choke in horses - correct feeding

I honestly cannot not thank the team at Hygain enough.

My 16 year old standy has choked on and off for the last 8 years but was only on dry food , so he would only get wet down feed. Recently he had started choking almost every feed even being wet down! Not only was it frustrating but it was scary , there’s nothing worse than seeing your pride and joy choke!

That’s when I contacted the lovely team at Hygain and they put me onto HYGAIN TRU CARE he has been on it for 3 weeks almost four now and NO CHOKE!
It makes feeding so much easier and he loves the food , plus hes gaining weight again which I’m more than impressed with!

I’ve added a photo of my ‘Dar Man’ or Radar as he’s known by everyone else.

Thank You !!!


A clean bill of health!

(Laurel, August 2016)

Laurel - August 2016

My TB x WB filly competed her first show on the weekend and ended the day with Reserve Champion!!
She has been fed on HYGAIN BALANCED, HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL and HYGAIN SAFEGUARD EQ since I bought her when she was 11 months old. I have never had trouble with her weight or appetite and with Hygain, I don’t have to feed an excessive amount to be able to keep her weight on and keep her looking healthy. After a sudden viral infection at the start of the year, I started supplementing her feed with HYGAIN SAFEGUARD EQ has kept all those nasty mycotoxins away and she has had a clean bill of health ever since.
Thank you again Hygain!!




Lighting up my Palomino!

(Lauren, August 2016)

Palomino coat colour dark light horse feed

This my 2 year old Welsh B Nilton Special Effects. He loves his HYGAIN HONEY B and as you can see he has lightened up a lot.  The photo of him very dark in the paddock is the first day we got him and the photo of him plaited up at the show is him know.

Thank you Hygain.



The effects of Tru Gain in only 7 days

(Michelle, July 2016)

Tru Gain - Horse weight gain - Before and After

I would just like to pass on my feedback for your wonderful product HYGAIN TRU GAIN.  I have a 9 month old growing Andalusian x TB colt who was starting to lose a bit of condition over the last couple of weeks due to a recent growth spurt combined with having a very light coat coverage and cooler weather.

I purchased a bag of HYGAIN TRU GAIN and within 7 days of adding 500g per day to his diet (and no other changes) his fat coverage has increased significantly and I am really pleased with the effect.  His behaviour has not changed at all either (remaining a very calm, happy and easy to handle colt).  I am sure you agree he is looking rather smart for a gangly baby 🙂


More stamina and better performance

(Julianne, July 2016)

showjumoing increase stamina

I just wanted to say thank you for your feed!!!

I converted my showjumper over to HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE at the start of the year and so far he has been competing totally different to last year. His energy doesn’t run out before the afternoon events.

I’m about to start my local show run and feeling really excited about the prospect of it being a much better year than last year when he felt like he ran out of steam after one event! ?


Photo credit is Jordan Wicks Photography


My 30 year old QH thrives on Tru Care!

(Ros, June 2016)

Ros - Feedback - Jun 2016

This is my 30yo QH James thriving through winter on 3kg of HYGAIN TRU CARE softened with hot water, 1/2kg steamed rolled oats and about 8 scoops of lucerne chaff in a separate bucket. Nothing else! We have virtually no decent grass either!

I put James on this diet once I realized he could no longer chew hay like he used to and he looks better than some horses half his age!!

Thanks Hygain 🙂 love your feeds


A life changing decision!

(Bree, June 2016)

Safeguard mycotoxin binder effect on angry frustrated horse

Jaz has always been a problem child. He was nasty, very aggressive (rear, bite, charge), arrogant, agitated, sensitive (pigroot, girthy) and super emotional. He was diagnosed with Gastric Ulcers, and after trying multiple treatments, nothing would keep them away. I spent $1000’s!

It got to the stage, where I couldn’t ride him due to how sensitive and angry he was, I even contemplated moving him on to someone else.

I finally got him to a stage using a Kelato product, where he was comfortable enough to deal with life. But not long after using the supplement, he went backwards, lost a lot of weight and became his old self.

I spoke to Annette Ward from your Hygain team and  she told me to try HYGAIN SAFEGUARD EQ.  All I can say is THANKYOU!!! She is my hero, and saviour in suggesting this.

My horse is completely different now. I noticed changes on day 3 of the HYGAIN SAFEGUARD EQ! He put on weight, his coat is immaculate. But best of all he is happy and the healthiest I have ever been able to get him. People have said at competitions how much he has changed, and I give them a lecture about Safeguard and how they should try it with their horses!

Your product has saved my horse from a life of misery and pain. I am forever grateful for that!


A Standy with a QH bum!

(Masha, May 2016)

Masha - Before and AfterI bought my girl off of a beautiful soul who rescued her from the dodgers, a little over a year ago. She is a 9yr old Standardbred ex pacer. She was emaciated. Her coat was dull and matted. I had to cut off more than half her mane and tail which were thin, frizzy and dread locked.
As a first time horse owner, i researched for days how to most effectively and gently better her condition. After 2 weeks on HYGAIN TRU GAIN, she was glowing! After 6 months, her tail had not only grown back but was lusciously thick and the envy of all the girls at our stables! Since improving her condition ive now played around with various Hygain products and can not speak highly enough of them.
My mares coat has completely transformed and her new backside even gets her mistaken for a quarter horse! Everyone continues to comment on how shiny she is (even now through winter) and I’ve never had issues with her being ‘hot’.
I”m confident that Hygain have a product to suite any horse and any dietary requirement/preference, and are truly invested in the well-being of our fur babies!
Thank you, Hygain!


Massive change in LESS than a month

(Skye, Apr 2016)

Skye - Before and After HygainRef came to me over a month ago in poor condition, he looks so much better and has brightened right up as well. I feel the HYGAIN TRU GAIN has helped tremendously with his weight gain.

Thank you Hygain.


I swear by TRU GAIN

(Samantha, Apr 2016)

Samantha - Before and After HygainHYGAIN TRU GAIN!! I swear by it! Started my first OTT horse on it, now all my racehorses under my care also get it! My latest is pictured here in the first photo, the second photo is day 7, and the last is day 15! It is fantastic for the horse’s topline, horses that don’t do well and really any horse! And not much is needed!


Feed, Care and Love

(Bel, Mar 2016)

Bel - Before and After HygainThe brilliant change that good feed, health care and love can make!
Almost had my mare 2 years and she has come leaps and bounds in all aspects.



Never looked shinier!

(Sarah, Mar 2016)

High fat, showtorque resutls on horsesI am amazed with the results of HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE to my horses coats and energy levels- coming into winter they have never looked shinier or healthier! An absolute testament to the quality of the product!





The best comeback ever

(Laurel, Mar 2016)

12376786_10208544298662234_120700474412821820_nI’m just emailing because I’m over the moon with how my 16 year old Thoroughbred gelding has made a comeback into Eventing.

Just a bit of background, up to June 2014 he had successfully competed up to and including a couple of starts at 1* level. Prior to this he had suffered a fractured splint bone and had spent 10 months been re-conditioned back up to this level. He unfortunately, was never quite the same and with a young horse and a university degree occupying my time, the decision was made to lease him out at the end of 2014.
In October 2015, the decision was made to take him back as my own and re-commence our eventing career together. It was noted though that a few changes needed to be made as he had not had the best care throughout his lease and lacked a lot of strength, muscle and weight!

Along with a diagnosis of mild arthritis in his hocks due to his age (although his hocks are apparently in very good condition for his age and pose no threat to the continuation of his eventing career), a new farrier was employed along with a new coach and the biggest change… his feed!!

I’ve never made such a dramatic change in feed as I have with him. He is now fed HYGAIN BALANCED, HYGAIN TRU CARE, HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL along with Lucerne Chaff and small amounts of Wheaten Chaff (due to him being on HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL). He looks better than ever and moves like he is 6 rather than 16. His energy levels are up and he shows great amount of positive attitude to his work.
His joints are creating zero problems for him without having to spend hundreds of dollars are joint supplements, thanks to HYGAIN TRU CARE.

All his Vitamins and Minerals are covered thanks to the economical HYGAIN BALANCED (I still find it very strange feeding such a small amount of pellets to such a large horse!!) Its fantastic!!!

On top of all that, we completed our first event back out together as a team (albeit only at a lower level to test the ground before we start progressing up again).
Nevertheless, we finished 7th out of 35 starters, finishing on our dressage score. Literally just knocked out the placings by a minimal amount of points, this was more than I expected, finishing just behind some of WA’s top event riders. I was over the moon that all the hard work and time was starting to pay off.

So I guess what I’m trying to say, is a big thank you to Hygain for producing and making available some top quality feeds for all levels of performance horses. If anyone ever mentions to me how well he looks or even how young he is looking!! I always tell thanks but its all down to his Hygain diet!!

And just to finish up, I can’t forget to mention my WB X TB filly yearling that is sitting in my paddock at the moment (She won’t like it if I forget her!!). She is also been fed a diet of HYGAIN BALANCED with HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL and HYGAIN GROTORQUE along with your new HYGAIN SAFEGUARD EQ. She looks amazing and it’s so nice to have her on a diet where I’m not concerned about her becoming to overweight and potentially introducing joint problems but also know that she is receiving all the nutrition she needs to look and feel great!! Even when she was sick with a viral infection she couldn’t resist a few handfuls of her grains.
As for the new HYGAIN SAFEGUARD EQ, I can guarantee she will be on this for life as her mood overall is so noticeably different, so much more laid back, friendly and most importantly more willing to do as she is told!! We have high hopes for this one.

Thank you Thank you Thank you..

A steady recovery

(Angela, Feb 2016)

Hygain ZeroMy older gelding foundered quite suddenly on turning 18! He and my other horses had been fed the same feed for a number of years, after some research and vet treatment I switched him and my other horses to HYGAIN ZERO, WHAT a difference, he is making a slow but positive recovery and my competition mare is so much happier in her work, even my coach recognized the change, they are shiny and healthy and I don’t have to feed as much to get awesome results. Thank you the best decision ever to change to Hygain!!!



Wish I had changed sooner!

(Rebekah, Jan 2016)

Showtorque no grain feed for horses with ulcersAfter a horrible winter battling with my horse who was suffering from stomach ulcers and not enjoying her work at all I decided to put her on a 30 day ulcer treatment and do a feed overhaul, something had to change. After about a month of going though all the feed options I decided on SHOWTORQUE, it is cereal grain free and I don’t need to feed massive amounts of it to get the benefits.

Almost immediately I began to see changes in her and as the show season rolled around, I had a completely different horse! She’s positive in her work, happier, has more energy, we haven’t had any issues with ulcers since, and she is in the best condition she has ever been in, she looks incredible! We have been able to progress in our work and she feels better then ever!
It was the best decision I have ever made and I would never look back!



An incredible 2 months!!

(Chloe, Dec 2015)

weight gain rescue horse hygainI just wanted to say thank you so much for producing awesome complete feeds! I feed my competition horse SHOWTORQUE and have been super impressed but after feeding my underweight rescue yearling the GROTORQUE I’m amazed! She’s been on this feed for two months and the change is incredible! Here are some before and after photos

Thanks again!




The Power of Tru Care

(Aisha, Dec 2015)

Aisha - Before and AfterBilly is fed HYGAIN TRU CARE and thrives on it. The before picture was taken just before winter and the after picture late spring.







A world of difference in only 18 days

(Vicki, Nov 2015)

incredible weight gain in horseJust a quick thank you for your feed advice for my new re-homed Standardbred Blue. He is coming along nicely. The first few days I was pretty stressed with the condition he arrived in,  but I took things slowly. Day 6 we introduced SHOWTORQUE and he loves it. His appetite is enormous now that he is feeling better. We have him on pasture, oaten hay, SHOWTORQUE, minimal chaff and some FIBRESSENTIAL.

The photos show Blue on day 1 and day 18. I am blown away by his dramatic improvement. He as also ceased windsucking ?

Thank you again…I will certainly be recommending SHOWTORQUE to everyone in the future.





A 20 year commitment

(Nathalie, Oct 2015)

Nathalie via Facebook OCT 15I’ve been using Hygain feeds for my racehorses and pre-trainers for 20 years.

Today, this bloke headed to Flemington after spending some time with me. He was fed nothing but BALANCED, TRU GAIN and FIBRESSENTIAL (and hay and pasture, or course). Thank you for a great range of products.





Perfect performance

(Cathy, Sep 2015)

Cathy - Feedback - SEPWe have used HYGAIN MICRSPEED for over 4 years now after initially looking for a performance feed without oats to suit one horse who couldn’t handle them.

Now all of our horse are on either HYGAIN MICRSPEED or HYGAIN RELEASE with fantastic results. We play polocrosse all over Queensland and have not had any issues with our horses tying up, not eating, lacking energy or looking under done.

The mare in this photo has gone from the race track in September 2014 to this in July 2015.

Thank you, Cathy



A 3 months change!

(Lauren, Sep 2015)

Lauren - Before and After - hygain feeds toplineThis is my horse Belle Phlynn Park Dragonfly and his change after being on HYGAIN ICE and HYGAIN REGAIN ( He also loves his Smoochies)





Taking pride in my horses

(Emily, Jul 2015)

Emily - Before and After - Hygain weight gain and toplineFirstly, I want to say I’m a huge fan of Hygain! I have been feeding SHOWTORQUE for many years to horses of all ages and competition level. This is Bender my 4 year old TB. Results thanks to SHOWTORQUE, Feb 2015 – June 2015!

He is a beautiful horse inside and out, I take a lot of pride in how my horses look and believe they are a walking advertisement for ourselves so having him in top condition is a must, all thanks to SHOWTORQUE!! Thank you!



From a sad look to a round and happy appearance!

(Alison, Jul 2015)

Alison - Before and After hygain tru care weight gain reviewSteven came to us from NSW in April this year with no traceable history.  He was on his way to the doggers. He was in a poor condition, with a couple of deep fresh scars and looked really, sad.

Once his teeth were done, his feet trimmed & started on a good diet of Hygain products, he began to perk up and became very responsive to our touches and even started to snuggle into us. The pictures are only 3 weeks apart.

This boy is one in a million for temperament and he has not put a foot wrong in the 3 mths that we have had him.  He will be a fantastic mount for my 13 year old son and cannot wait to see his progress in 12 months time.


A new Horse on HYGAIN

(Andrea, Jul 2015)

Hygain Before and After weight gain and shiny coatI took this boy on thinking just to fatten him up and let my niece ride. So I started him on Ultrabeet and barely booster plus extracool. I wasn’t seeing any change so I went to HYGAIN MICRBEET and HYGAIN ICE and within 2-3 months there was an impressive improvement.

We also went through a bad bout of abscesses coming out in one of his back hooves which also had wall separation. But after the feed change and regular trims even the farrier thought it was a different horse.




Super Shiny and healthy!!

(Michelle, Jun 2015)

Hygain shiny horse on ShowtorqueJust wanted to comment in how happy I am with SHOWTORQUE for our leased Holsteiner Warmblood, Sotar. He gets 1.5kg mixed with chaff. He’s SUPER shiny!! I begun feeding since April.





A picture of Health

(Emma, Jun 2015)

Healthy Hygain fed horseMy beautiful boy who is a picture of health thanks to Hygain feeds ?

Funky is on BALANCED and TRU CARE with chaff and hay, along with SHOWTORQUE as a tasty treat and reward after hard work ?

Thanks Hygain!!



Safer feeding and a happy horse

(Wendy, Jun 2015)

2015-06-28 08.08.58HYGAIN TRU CARE has proven to be a lifesaver for my big old Standie, the change in condition, movement and ‘attitude’, it is like he is a 7 yo, and not a 17yo.

Not telling you something you don’t already know in relation to the TRU CARE, but I have been wetting it down for Johnno, as he has problems with his teeth (ie.  Molars falling out), and of course he gets choke due to this.    Even with what I was feeding him before, he would choke if I didn’t get the water mix right, and it gets stuck about 6  inches before the oesogphagus goes into the chest area, and he would stand there flicking his head, and coughing etc., until it cleared.  His near side upper aracade where the molars are on his face, was longer and swollen.  Since TRU CARE, swelling gone down, still longer but not as swollen, no choking incidents, and he runs to his dish, licks it clean and any that has escaped his mouth sitting on the grass he picks up…   prior to  TRU CARE, he would pick up his feed dish and chuck it across the yard, and wasn’t really interested in the food.


A 2 months transformation

(Laura, Mar 2015)

Laura - Before and After - weight gain horse feed dietThis is my warmblood when I first got him & 2 months after from a diet of 1kg BALANCED, 1kg FIBRESSENTIAL, & 1/2 kg TRU GAIN.

Love Hygain feeds & very easy to sell it when I use it & know it works wonders.





No more cracked, chipped or bruised hooves with ZERO!

(Ellie, Apr 2015)

Ellie - Before and After - weight gain horse diet feedJust wanted to say how happy I am with HYGAIN feeds for my two thoroughbreds.
Both came to me with soft hooves that were constantly cracking, chipping, had stone bruises and abscesses.
We have them both on HYGAIN ZERO and the change is amazing. Both have come so far and I’ve learned so much through your page too.

They’re both so shiny, healthy, have strong hooves and are nice and calm on it as well.

I’m a first time horse owner, and I’m so glad someone pointed me towards your feed and research on horse care, thanks HYGAIN!

From Ellie (and of course Maple and Bonnie)

Tasty and Healthy!

(Michelle, Apr 2015)

Hygain ZeroHygain MicrbeetA big thank you for this product. I have two elderly horses with Cushings, and HYGAIN ZERO has been their saviour as far as feeding goes…both are very fussy eaters, especially my Shetland mare who lost a lot of weight after her diagnosis, compounded by severe laminitis which I struggled to get under control. I had great difficulty finding something to enhance the palatability of her mainly HYGAIN MICRBEET feeds and which was safe for her to eat, and the HYGAIN ZERO has proven to be a winner. Both my Cushings horses now gobble up their feeds, and I can hide their supplements without a problem as they love the taste of the HYGAIN ZERO. It’s fantastic for helping to maintain their weight, and they lick their feeders clean every time! I now feed it to all my horses, safe in the knowledge that is it very low NSC and completely safe for my metabolically challenged herd.

Thank you Hygain!


I wouldn't use any other products!

(Melanie, Apr 2015)

Hygain ShowtorqueHygain MicrbeetI wish to thank the Hygain team on there range of great products. I use HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE and HYGAIN MICRBEET and I have been using them for 4yrs now I wouldn’t use any other product as it gives me awesome results. I have converted a lot of people over to your feeds as they constantly ask me for advice and want results like my horse has achieved and every one of those owners are rapped with the results. So I commend each and everyone of you on you effort in producing a great quality feed that a lot of people including me couldn’t do without.
Melanie Hollitt

Full of life after only one bag!

(Chelsea, Apr 2015)

hygain - Before and After weight gain horse feedVeiko is a rising 4 year old Trakehner gelding whom I recently purchased. His previous owner fed large amounts of oats/ lupins and grower and weaner pellets but I felt that he should be looking better than he was so I decided to do a bit of research on the Hygain feeds as I had heard good reviews about them.

After visiting the website and reading the different reviews and fact sheets on each feed I decided to give HYGAIN TRU GAIN and HYGAIN GROTORQUE a try. I was impressed with how fast I saw results, but what was even more surprising to me was how fast Veiko himself felt the results! He had been sluggish and uninterested in work, within a week he was more spiritedly, full of life and ready to go, his mental and physical condition visibly improving everyday  the attached photo is a before and after of only one bag of HYGAIN TRU GAIN and HYGAIN GROTORQUE being fed simultaneously.

I am very happy with Hygain feeds and won’t be using anyone else ever again, so THANK YOU!


Where other products failed, HYGAIN succeeded

(Nadine, Apr 2015)

HYGAIN Before and After - weight gain over winterNot only the feeds themselves, but the general and overall customer service from the HYGAIN team is absolutely fantastic. I am very pleased with this company and all their products!

Over the colder winter months, Mojo drops condition and A LOT of weight. I had tried other products but have found HYGAIN TRU GAIN to work well and make such a difference in such a short time. I have been very impressed with the results of using the HYGAIN TRU GAIN along side the HYGAIN HONEY B. Both feeds are of high quality and found that neither make my horse hot or fizzy. I have recommended both feeds to numerous amounts of people and will continue to use HYGAIN feeds as i have never once been disappointing. Thank you HYGAIN!


Yes, she can look even better!

(Janelle, Mar 2015)

Janelle - Before and After coat shine horse feedWe feed all of our ponies Hygain and have for many years but I wanted to say how impressed I am with HYGAIN TRU GAIN   Most of our ponies are on HYGAIN ZERO but our RP Brooklyn Lodge Bumble Bee has been a much harder keeper but since starting on TRU GAIN has just blossomed.  Please see attached before photo early in the season compared to last weekend where she took out supreme champion led RPSBS show pony – Tasmanian All-Breed Championships.

Thanks for the great products!



A champion's feed

(Holly, Mar 2015)

Holly PH - Before and After - weight gain horse diet hygainI had been meaning to get a photo of my boy for some time. I changed him over to HYGAIN TRU BREED…and these are the results!! not a good side on photo but you can see a clear change. He is VERY shiny, has beautiful condition and is extremely happy (as am I). He is only 3 years old and is not in work this is purely being fed your product.

His name is Montana reg name is Just Awesome. He is a sweetheart and loves everyone he meets! He has been shown being fed your feed with big success, from Futurity firsts, grand champions, champions and champion supreme exhibits at only 3 years of age and we couldn’t have done it without how amazing he looks being fed your feed!!

From one HAPPY customer!!



Results speak for themselves

(Holly, Mar 2015)

Holly - Before and After - horse weight gain hygainI got this beautiful 3 year old Thoroughbred 3 weeks ago on Monday. I am feeding him your HYGAIN GROTORQUE and the results speak for themselves. I have started lunging him to build muscle and help with condition. Thank you!!







Noticeable results in only 3 weeks

(Shari, Mar 2015)

HYGAIN - Before and After - horse diet weight gainI was seriously struggling with the condition of my 4yo part arabian mare after being broken in. I was using another feed recommended for weight gain with little to no results. After doing some research I decided to try HYGAIN SHOWTORQUEe and have not looked back! I saw noticeable results within three weeks and she did not become hot or fizzy.

I have now added HYGAIN TRU GAIN for that finishing touch, and she has never been so shiny! I am so happy I changed to Hygain feeds the quality is so high and the products actually work! The before and after photos are only 4 weeks apart and show the difference Hygain feeds have made to my horse.


From nearly dead to a beautiful shinning happy mare

(Kylie, Mar 2015)

Hygain horse feed for weight gain - Before and AfterThis is a before and after shot of our 6 year old mare we rescued.  This is after 8 weeks on Hygain.  We could see a difference within 1 week though and decided to stick to it. The coat and everything is amazing.  She was from nearly dead to a beautiful shinning happy mare.  Also her being a windsucker makes it harder but the hygain feeds are keeping her weight on and making her a very happy horse. We had her on HYGAIN TRU GAIN, HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL and HYGAIN HONEY B.

We have been feeding HYGAIN now for six months to all our horses and I will never look back to other feeds.


A Lifesaver

(Debbie, Mar 2015)

hygain - Before and After weight gain from thin to normaThank you, thank you, thank you HYGAIN! Not only for your wonderful feeds but also for your amazing service! Toby is a station bred stock horse, who has worked hard and faithfully all his life, nothing special, just a lovely old man who deserves a happy and healthy retirement. Sadly he didn’t cope with the latest dry spell and that was looking doubtful. I happened to be in the right place at the right time, bring him home in December last year, as you can see in an awful state.

After seeing the vet and making sure Toby was healthy (other than his poor body condition), I started looking for the right thing to feed him. Our local feed shop recommended to have a look at HYGAIN. So I got online, emailed Toby’s particulars to you and received a dietary recommendation, which I have stuck to like glue ever since. Adam Rice recommended  TRU GAIN and TRU-BREED, other than the nutritional value, I was really happy with the vitamin and mineral component, as we have oxalate pasture.  He has been on it now for a little over 2 months.  Amazing, thoughtful service. I honestly rave about you to anyone who will listen. It may be that I am being a bit sentimental, but I honestly believe you saved a life…..good job.

I thought that by contacting you, other than expressing my genuine belief in your services, maybe someone else would see it and do the same for another horse. Turning a sad story to a really happy ending. Toby’s high point is the yummy food he will be eating for the rest of his life!!!


Balanced all the way

(Doris, Mar 2015)

Hygain Before and After weight gain in horsesChance was a rescue colt at the age of 3 month in which he was just skin and bones. I have had him for 18months now and he has only ever been fed Hygain feed. I also feed all my other horses  HYGAIN BALANCED and they love it. I have noticed a big difference in my other horse, but Chance has blossomed into a lovely 2yo on BALANCED.





Halved my feed bill and improved the state of my horse

(Helen, Feb 2015)

Heshiny coat before and after horse feed hygainI just wanted to have a rave about your feeds – I absolutely love Hygain feeds! My horse, Derwin, is a 21y.o ASHxQH. I originally had him on a diet which included chaff, a mineral supplement, and an “all round” pellet by other manufacturers. After spending copious amounts of money, I decided there had to be a better way. I subscribed to Feed XL (also a fabulous invention!) and rebalanced his diet, halving my feed bill, and improving the state of my horse unbelievably! He is now on HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIALHYGAIN BALANCED and HYGAIN RBO, and another pellet (which I’m going to change to Allrounder next produce run). As the photos show, he looks like he’s gone backwards in age! The same can be said of his paddock buddy, who is on the same diet as him – the vet commented today that they were two of the best looking paddock horses she’d seen in a long time.

So, thank you Hygain!


At lightning speed to coat shine

(Rhiannon, Feb 2015)

weight gain before and after photo hygain“Segreto” aka Sid got Hygain feed from the get go, and progress was good until I discovered HYGAIN TRU GAIN and then it went at lightning speed! Within days he had this beautiful coat shine.  The first photo was taken 4 month ago when I got him, he had been spelling and enjoying being a paddock pony for a few months after racing! The after picture shows him eating his TRU GAIN and HONEY B out of his Hygain feed bag



A fibre replacer we can reply on

(Secreteheart Stockhorses, Feb 2015)

Hygain FibressentialWe won a bag of Hygain FIBRESSENTIAL at The NSW Buckskin National Show with our stallion Attards Iron Heart. We have fed horses chaff for over twenty years and it took some getting used to with the smaller amount in each bucket that we fed the horses. We have been using the product since December 2014 and have found the product to be fantastic. We use it on all our hosres from Stallions, broodmares, younstock and show horses. It has even picked up the condition of a couple of our older broodmares who are always lacking that bit of topline. We see great results in our show horses and are very happy with the change from feeding chaff to FIBRESSENTIAL. We know we are getting a balanced feed in each bag unlike that of chaff.

Secreteheart Stockhorses

Simply back to health and strength

(Kimberley, Feb 2015)

Kimberley - Before and After - HygainI would like to thank you all for helping me with a diet plan for my aged horse Hooch. He will be 24 in OCT and is in full work he was on a lot of supplements and I mean a lot. He was on mixed chaffs with Gumnuts and Livamol, cell provide, rose hip, equine joint formula, equisure, soy, a few others I can’t even think off. He wasn’t holding his weight, no matter what work I did he wasn’t putting on topline, his energy levels weren’t great either. We recently changed him to SHOWTORQUE and TRU CARE and he is off all his supplements. A simple but very effective diet and he has never been better. In just 3 weeks he is more keen to work, he has put more topline on and we have more rib coverage. He recently did 2 events in one week and recovered by the next day. Thank-you so much!!


Improved in leaps and bounds!

(Talea, Feb 2015)

Before and After hygain horse feed - showtorqueI just wanted to send you guys a quick before and after of my 12 year old thoroughbred Dane. For the two years I’ve owned Dane, we have always struggled with not only his weight, but his lethargy as well – getting through a lesson has always been a massive struggle.
In December his weight reached an all time low. The combination of stomach ulcers and incorrect feed really took it’s toll, and I had to stop riding all together. My wonderful vet prescribed a course of Gastrozole to sort out his tummy, and after lots of research I chose HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE as our new feed. After two and a half months, I can safely say it was the best decision I’ve ever made! Dane has improved in leaps and bounds! His weight continues to improve every day, his muscle mass has increased, and his energy levels have improved dramatically.
For the first time in our two years together, Dane is close to his ideal weight and muscle mass, and our dressage has improved out of sight!
So thank you thank you thank you!


How Balanced changed my horses life

(Holly, Feb 2015)

Before and After Horse Feed - HYGAIN BalancedI rescued my little man from the knackery two months ago and immediately started him on HYGAIN BALANCED, just after 2 weeks you could see the difference.
Now his coat, mane and tail is shinny, hoofs are in much better condition, even his eyes look brighter and healthier.




No more sloppy poos! - Ideal for my old pony

(Tina, Feb 2015)

Hygain FibressentialAbout 6 months ago I started feeding FIBRESSENTIAL to my aged pony who has terrible back teeth and consequently always had a problems with sloppy manure because he couldn’t digest the un-chewed grass and hay properly. I had tried many different feeds and products over the years and then read about the lack of palatable fibre causing scours in some horses – light bulb moment! Exactly what was happening to my pony.

So I did some more research and found Fibressential – and problem solved. Pony has well formed manure, is looking in fantastic condition and we are all happy! He only has a scoop morning and night, so it is economical as well. Love it!



Giving life and happiness

(Chrisanthi, December 2014)

Before and After photo with Hygain honey bDuring our first winter my mare lost a lot of condition and it broke my heart. At the time I was on another weight gaining feed that didn’t work for her, then we were battling injuries for 5 or so months now so I needed to research better quality feeds to build her condition up and bring the shine into her coat and the life and happiness in her eyes again.

So, I emailed the HYGAIN team and was sent their recommendation to what would best suited for my mares need to build condition and be balanced.

HYGAIN HONEY B and HYGAIN BALANCED mixed with gleam and chaff was the recommend diet and I honestly couldn’t be happier with my results!!!! I wouldn’t feed anything else to my horse and future horses now seeing the results for myself!!!

Love always Chrisanthi and the beautiful Archer 🙂

Laminitis Prevention

(Nicole, December 2014)

Nicole - Charlie HYGAIN ICEWe have been using HYGAIN ICE on our adopted boy Heavy Horse Heaven Charlie, Charlie had a case of founder after a heavy rain which left our pastures very rich, poor Charlie was in a lot of pain we pulled him out of the big paddock and have him in a smaller paddock and his feed is supplemented with hay, chaff and HYGAIN ICE, we have noticed a huge difference in Charlie he has lost weight, his coat is nice and shiney, he has no signs of founder and his vet is extremely happy with his condition and recovery, I highly recommend this product and will continue using this feed for Charlie and his toosties so we never have another case of founder.

A1+++++ product 🙂



A rescue horse Story

(Nicole, December 2014)

Tru Care before and afterLady came to us a rescue, in very poor condition and full of sand and worms, her coat was so dry it would fall out in your hand when you touched her. We have had Lady who is now 18 years old on HYGAIN SENIOR for 18 months now and she looks amazing, her coat is nice and shiney, she has good coverage she’s a happy healthy pony with many years left for her to love life and lead a very long healthy life.

I highly recommend this product, you don’t need a lot to make a difference 🙂




From racehorse to relaxed equestrian horse

(Sam, November 2014)

Sam - before and afterSeven weeks ago I bought a thoroughbred straight off the track. He looked like a greyhound, his coat was dull and he was absolutely crazy on his ‘race diet’! Everyone thought I was mad to take him on but there had to be a nice little horse under there somewhere, right?

I bought every feed I could think of to try and put some weight on him and he barely touched any of them (he’s really fussy eater it turns out). I stumbled upon TRU GAIN in my local feed store one day and thought “why not”. He’s nearly finished the bag now and can’t get enough of it – his bucket is licked clean and he is stacking on the weight! I couldn’t be more impressed (or relieved!).

I started adding some SHOWTORQUE to his feed as well shortly after the success with TRU GAIN, though I was a little nervous at first because some friends said it made their horses hyper. I’ve found he is calmer than ever and an absolute dream to work with (plus his coat is looking incredible!). He’s been going so well I’ve even let some of my beginner friends get on and have a walk/trot/canter/jump by themselves and he has done nothing but act like an old school master.

For a five year old thoroughbred who’d run a race not even eight weeks before (and only just brought into work!) none of us are able to believe the difference. Thank you so much to everyone at HYGAIN for making feeds that my horse loves and that actually work. Will definitely recommend you guys to everyone!

(The photo’s attached are four weeks apart.)


The one and Only Tru Gain

(Jess, October 2014)

HYGAIN feedback and reviewI’m a rider on the Tasmanian youth squad. My off the track horses eat HYGAIN feeds for breakfast and dinner and they are always in top performance condition! My horses all eat HYGAIN EQUINE SENIORHYGAIN TRU GAIN GAIN, ALLROUNDER, HYGAIN MICRBARLEY and HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL .
The HYGAIN TRU GAIN is an excellent feed especially for the fast metabolism thoroughbreds, it’s the only feed in the world that has actually put weight on them!
I know so many people are trying to find good weight gaining feeds for their off the track horses and I highly recommend HYGAIN TRU GAIN!
I’ve attached some photos of my rehabilitated off the track horses who are now successful performance show jumpers. I have three new young horses off the track this year who will also be eating HYGAIN feeds, only the best for my horses!

Thank you for sponsoring our squad and for producing top quality performance feeds!


A brilliant recommendation

(Louise, October 2014)

HYGAIn Tru Gain recommendation - horse weight gainHere are two pictures of my TB horse “Pounce”
After talking to both Sarah and Wendy Richards owners of Champion Equestrian Rotorua, NZ they both recommended that I add HYGAIN TRU GAIN to “Pounces” diet, these are the results after only three weeks.





Never looked better in her 22 years of age

(Lanze, October 2014)

as good as new with hygain tru careI have a 22 yo purebred Polish Crabbet Arabian mare in Darwin (scorching temperatures and lack of pasture in the NT so it’s hard to keep condition on) and she used to struggle with condition, energy and battled rain scald every single year.. Until I introduced HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE and HYGAIN TRU CARE. 4 years later and she is looking better than ever, her condition is amazing, copious amounts of good energy and hasn’t had rain scald since …
She has amazing energy, great appetite, strong white hooves, glowing coat, she never gets sick and never gets flat during scorching hot rides .
In the 20 years I have had her this has been the best feed I have used. Thank you Hygain !!



Fatten 'em up

(Danielle, September 2014)

Jetta - SEP'14I started using Hygain products recently and was extremely pleased with the results. My 3 year old was really struggling to gain any weight and it didn’t matter what I fed him. He was on supplements galore to try to pack it on. I put him on HYGAIN TRU GAIN  and HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE and now he is gleaming, happy, healthy and energetic. Not only has this feed improved his health, weight and appearance, it has also cut out all supplements that I was previously using including biotin. Very impressed! I would recommend using Hygain products to anyone and everyone!




It's raining dapples

(Em, September 2014)

 Em - Balanced show off - SEP 2014Since I changed my young mare (by an Irish Sport Horse Stallion out of a Perch/TB cross mare ) to HYGAIN BALANCED her coat has changed so much! She has never had dapples like that before, it’s amazing! Thanks to you guys for providing quality AUSSIE MADE feeds




From thin to moderate in 3 weeks

(Kira, September 2014)

Kira - before and after - SEP I would like to show you the amazing result I have had with HYGAIN TRU GAIN. 3weeksago I purchased my future show hack. He arrived not in the best of conditions, (weighing only 458kg  as you can see from the pictures) Peter has now been on HYGAIN TRU GAIN for 3 weeks and weight is pouring on!! If he continues with the amazing result, Peter will be heading out to compete this show season. Simple loving and recommending Hygain!



Fellin' Good!!

(Jennifer, August 2014)

Hygain Balanced TestimonialI have been using HYGAIN BALANCED pellets for 6months now and the improvement in my horses condition has been amazing. He is super shiny and everyone comments on how great he looks. I will always be using hay gain balance pellets as a base for all my feeds because the horses look great on it and really love it!



Never ending shine

(Tracey, August 2014)

Balanced testimonialTwo weeks ago my daughter was getting assessed for HRCAV and her mare we have had for 5 months, very hot and buzzy mare, got a lovely comment on how shiny and healthy she looks, even with her coat clipped. She gets feed oaten and lucerne chaff and HYGAIN BALANCED.  Not the greatest photo but her coat gleams.

Thanks Tracey


Topline Building at it's best!!

(Kate, August 2014)

Hygain Showtorque - topline improvementJust wanted to show everyone the awesome transformation Manny the 4 year old pony has gone through. In two months he has gone from being in healthy, but light condition to being well covered, beautifully shinny and looking amazing! I put it down to feeding him HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE – a complete feed which gives him everything he needs to develop into a Super-star.

Kate Welten

What a difference in only 3 weeks!

(Jordan, July 2014)

Jordan - Before and afterHi, just thought I’d send through the difference HYGAIN TRU GAIN and HYGAIN BALANCED has made in 3-4 weeks. This is my rising 4yro and rapidly growing, but I am so happy that every time I take his covers off he looks better and better!

He had been struggling to gain and hold condition and I was recommended HYGAIN TRU GAIN by a friend who swears by it. I am a self confessed sceptic when it comes to feeds/supplements like this and I dislike changing and adding things, but I couldn’t be happier! Nothing has changed in his diet apart from the addition of Tru Gain, and in two weeks his topline is very noticeably filling out and his ribs are beginning to cover. I also thought I’d add some to my 7yro Eventers feed to see if it did anything to him (hugely reactive to some feeds/additives). Nothing apart from his topline also improving! I am also starting to see more shine on what were very dull clipped coats.


Fantastic products, great range of feeds and good service!

(Lee-Anne, June 2014)

hg-nutrikeyI have been feeding Hygain products for the past 12 months and i am rapt with the difference in my horses after changing from other brands of similar type products. i have all my horses on Hygain, its very handy to have different products suited to different applications. I use Showtorque,Balanced and Tru Breed currently and have used Racetorque and Micrspeed with success in the past, when i had horses in hard work requiring extra energy. The information and diet analysis by Hygain’s nutrikey is very helpful and takes the guesswork out of making sure my horses diets are balanced.


HYGAIN feeds meeting everyone's needs

(Kate, May 2014)

Hygain TrucareI too would also like to thank you for your wonderful products, I have been using TRU CARE on 2 of my oldies for just over 12 months and the difference is amazing, my old pony has actually got a top line again, my trimmer was amazed at his condition on her last visit, I also feed ZERO to my 15 year old Appy Quarterhorse, as a very good dooer I have not had to feed her anything else to keep her condition, I did feed her TRU CARE for a while but found it made gain too much weight so we changed her over to ZERO as she is prone to Laminitis in the Spring. Both wonderful products, I never use anything else anymore.

Thank you,


Best thing ever for old timers

(Karen, May 2014)

Hygain SeniorI have fed my old timer HYGAIN MICRBEET and HYGAIN EQUINE SENIOR for the past 3 years. He has no teeth so keeping weight on is always problematic. But 3 years later he has gained weight, his feet are better than ever and he’s looking fabulous in a well deserved prosperous retirement!

Karen R.


A happier and healthier George

(Olivia, Apr 2014)

Hygain ZeroMy pony George was prone to laminitis, obesity and depression if he got under fed. My friend suggested HYGAIN ZERO for George because one of her ponies had the same problem. When he arrived he was quite over weight and after the first couple of feeds he seemed to be happier, and after about 30-60 days he was calmer at competitions and started to lose weight but keep condition and improve muscle tone.
I still feed George HYGAIN ZERO now and a couple of friends have started using other HYGAIN products and they have noticed changes in their horses moods, appearance, coat condition, etc.
I thumbs up recommend all HYGAIN products!!!


He gained one body condition score in just over a month!

(Ruth, Mar 2014)

Hygain FibressentialJust over a month ago, on the recommendation of my local feed store, I started adding HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL to my 16yo Thoroughbred gelding’s feed ration which also includes micronized barley, copra and a vitamin/mineral supplement.

He was given to me back in December of last year and he was light on when I got him (his previous owner had done a decent job of rehabilitating him to that point). I was struggling to get the weight on him and to add to it he’s missing most of his top incisors (was a wood chewer in the past) and finds chaff and large pelleted feeds a bit difficult to eat.

In the short period of time that he’s had HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL added to his diet he’s put on almost an entire body condition score and isn’t far away from being his ideal weight!

He is currently hard fed once daily and has 24/7 access to decent pasture. He’s gone from taking a long time to eat his feed to cleaning his bucket in less than half an hour. Because of how well he’s doing, I’ve been able to cut his barley ration by a third. I also love how HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL becomes almost mash like when water is added to it which makes it so much easier for older horses with dentition issues.

A life changing recommendation

(Raquel G., Mar 2014)

EQuine Senior - Before and AfterI would just like to say how happy my horses are on the HYGAIN products you recommended, I cannot believe how much weight ‘Wellstone’ has put on in the last month since starting him on HYGAIN EQUINE SENIOR and HYGAIN TRU GAIN, he looks fantastic, I have attached a couple of pictures of him today and one from when I got him end of last year the transformation is amazing, thank you for your all your help!




Jazz's sad story with a happy ending

(Abbie, Dec 2013)

Jazz - Tru Gain - Before and AfterCeltic jazz (jazz) was an unsuccessful racehorse & after 3 starts for 3 dead lasts she was retired from racing in January this year. She unfortunately went to a terrible new home and was left to become completely emaciated, lice ridden/greasy heel/rain scald/untreated wire cuts etc…

She suffered from choke the day she arrived from trying to eat hay, so it took about 7-10 days to build her up to 2 hard feeds & hay as she wouldn’t eat it. Jazz is being fed a combination of HYGAIN TRU GAIN, HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE, chaff, hay and pasture. She currently does ground work/lunging with Jazz and will start back under saddle soon.

I have been using your products for years & constantly recommend them for others as I find them great for all of my horses ranging from ponies to thoroughbreds & varying ages from mares with foals through to 29yo.
What Tru Gain has done for Jazz is what has impressed us & cemented that Hygain is quality feed! Thank you!

A happy horse

(Talina, Nov 2013)

Talina before and afterTalina came to Hygain asking for feed advice for her show mare Ruby that needed to gain weight, whilst keeping cool. She then switched Ruby’s diet from Easiresult to our HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE and underwent a fantastic change. We also advised to try our chaff replacer, HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL instead of feeding chaff and Maxisoy as it provides energy between that of good quality hay and grain without the starch and sugar. Only 5-6 weeks after changing Ruby’s diet, Talina was so impressed with the results of her mares condition she send us her before and after photos, that literally speak for themselves.

Fibressential showed results within a week

(Fiona F, Nov 2013)

Hygain FibressentialI would like to tell you how wonderful I think HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL is.

I was having trouble getting weight on my show horse/dressage horse. Within a week of putting him on HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL he started to pick up weight and hasn’t looked back!

He was reserve champion showhunter at this year’s Royal Hobart Show (champion was my sister’s horse who is also on Fibressential), and consistently 1st or 2nd in his dressage tests with scores in the high 60%’s. Since using your product I have found my horse to be more settled and a better horse to work with.

I also have my 4yo wb/rp on Fibreessential and he is doing very well also. I also use HYGAIN ICE and HYGAIN TRU GAIN and have these products economical and maintain a topline on both my horses without fizzing them up.

HYGAIN TRU GAIN - Super Booster

(Abbey I., Nov 2013)

I purchased this gorgeous SHxQH gelding named Ren on the 10th of August and started feeding him on HYGAIN TRU GAIN, not even 3 month later he turned into a beautiful “happy healthy little man!!

Fibressential lifts horses age

(Michelle, Oct 2013)

Michelle - Before and AfterI just wanted to say what a great feed HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL is for our 30 year old retiree. Last year he looked terrible but he looks great for a horse his age and the only change is Fibressential being added to his feeds. He gets 4 smaller feeds of this and oats daily and I cannot believe the improvement.

Thank you Michelle




Hygain solves feeding crisis

(Jillian, August 2013)

Hygain ShowtorqueAbout 10 months ago a friend suggested your feeds for my 5 year old Australian Stock Horse as I was going through a feeding crisis. Walking into the local produce would turn me into a nervous wreck. As you know, there are SO many feed companies within Australia, and trust me…We have tried them all.

After spending hundreds and hundreds (thousands and thousands) on feeds my horse hated and feeds that did not work for him…I finally came across Hygain…And you have set my mind at complete ease.

After feeding a combination of HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE and HYGAIN HONEY B, my horse has never looked better. You have taken all the hard work out of having to balance a complete feed.

I just wanted to thank you for supplying Australia with a GOOD QUALITY feed that is becoming more easily accessible in Brisbane.

My horse and I just want to say thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!
All the best, Jillian

Amazing Transformation

(Rikki, July 2013)

Rikki - Tru Breed - Before and AfterI bred this beautiful filly named Flame who was raised as a herd horse with just oaten and grass hay for additional roughage. Flame was always handled, wormed and healthy but never rugged or hard fed until I decided I wanted to show her.

I got plenty of put downs and strange looks when I said my filly was going to be shown, but I knew what lay underneath that fluff and fat belly. Flame’s parents are both true to type Halter horses and Flame is no different but just needed a helping hand to get into shape.

Flame has been on HYGAIN TRU BREED and when in show prep she also got some HYGAIN TRU GAIN. She has since been green broken and has grown again! Flame went from looking like a yearling to looking like a mature 2 year old in a short time.

The before photo was taken in September 2012 and the after photo at the Victorian Paint Horse Association State Show in May 2013 ( photos are 6 months apart she looked like this only 12 weeks down the track).

Fibressential has positive effect on droppings and endurance horses

(Tracey, July 2013)

Hygain FibressentialHYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL is a hit. Firstly the thoroughbreds being broken in seem much more content food wise, they are fuller for longer!! Their stables are easier to clean out as their droppings have more form to them. The smell of the droppings has changed as well, for the better. Now the thoroughbreds are undergoing a very stressful time being broken in, and have always been a challenge to send them home with more weight on them, than what they came with! But now the balance seems to be right…. And they are looking better than ever.

The endurance horses are doing well also, good manure formation, which is good for holding in moisture in hind gut. Big improvements for us there. For some reason, the horses also seem more level? Not sure if we are imagining this but it’s a good thing. I have the energy in them, but it doesn’t take time to work them in.


Honey B is yummy!

(Simone, July 2013)

Hygain Honey BJust wish to congratulate you on a wonderful product – HYGAIN HONEY B.

I use this product as treat for my broodmare and her six month old foal. They really look forward to this treat and it is the first part of their feed content they will sift out.

They love this product, as do I.


Showtorque the transformer product

(Melanie, May 2013)

Hygain ShowtorqueI would like to thank the team at Hygain for an excellent product. I am over the moon with the way HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE has changed my horse for the better and I would also like to thank you for my wonderful birthday surprise that was given to me as a champion club member. Something like this means a lot to someone who absolutely adores your products. Keep up the excellent work and I will continue to tell everybody who will listen what great products you supply and how superior they are to all else on the market.



Mr. B’s honey success story

(Janet, Feb 2013)

Hygain Honey BDear Hygain, I am writing this letter to say thank you for a wonderful product in your HYGAIN HONEY B. On the 8th of December my daughter’s (Samantha) be loved barrel horse /Team Roping mare “Jill” was for dead in her yard from a heart attack.

Samantha had just been notified that she had made top 15 in 14/18 barrel racing for the A.B.C.R.A National Finials. Her only completive horse she had left was a 22 year old horse “Mr B” a very fussy eater who turns his nose up at most feeds. It was with that in mind we tried ‘Honey B”, he eats every drop and licks his feed bin clean. He and Samantha have just returned from the National Finals, Mr Bee travelled very well and was in the best condition that I have ever seen him in all thanks to your great product. Samantha was placed 14th going into the finals, after the 3 rounds she and Mr Bee placed 5th in the average so he was not only in good condition he was feeling good to, not bad for a 22 year old with only 1 months work under him and all he had was “Honey Bee” and good hay so once again “THANK YOU”

Janet M.

A sporty transformation

(Jo, Nov 2012)

Jo - Release - Before and AfterPlease meet Jo Jackson’s horse JD! The first photo was taken after the recovery from an injury and the second one shows JD several months later in top form. JD is fed HYGAIN RELEASE, HYGAIN MICRBEET and HYGAIN GLEAM and gets a whole lot of love… as you can see We are proud having Sponsored Rider Jo and her stunning horse JD on our team.




It only took one bag to transform her

(Lisa, Oct 2012)

Lisa - Tru Gain - Before and AfterMy 11yo thoroughbred gelding achieved an amazing increase in body condition and coat shine after feeding only ONE bag of HYGAIN TRU GAIN. I added half a dipper of HYGAIN TRU GAIN with some oaten chaff and my horse licks the feeder clean now!!





Tru Gain is the best for weight gain

(Isabelle, May 2012)

Hygain TrugainYour feed HYGAIN TRU GAIN is by far, the BEST, feed I’ve ever fed my thoroughbred for weight gain. I’ve been trying to get him to gain weight for god knows how long and finally, something worked. Not only is he totally filled out in his hips, you can’t see his ribs anymore AND he coat feels like velvet. Works 100 x better then Equi-Jewel and is $15 cheaper per bag.

Just really wanted to tell somebody how much they’ve help me. Thanks heaps 🙂

Isabella B.


Tru Care brings 17yo back to former glory

(Kate, March 2012)

Tru CAre - Before and AfterI’m writing to you regarding the HYGAIN TRU CARE. I just wanted to say thank you for making such a wonderful inexpensive feed that actually works. After having sold all my horses 4 years ago, I had one of my old horses come back to live with me in the last 3 months. When I picked him up I was appalled by his condition! I was wondering how on earth I was going to get him back to his former glory, if able to at all. But I’m happy to say that Snip is now looking wonderful after only 8 weeks of him being on the Tru Care, and within the next few weeks I’m pretty sure he will be looking well enough to step out into the show ring. His coat is wonderful, his top line is getting there (and he has had very minimal work) and not to mention he is moving better than he has in a long time… so I’m guessing the join health is working wonders for him!

I’m happy that I have found a feed that works for Snip and is affordable for me, We love it!

Many thanks Hygain! Yet another wonderful feed you have produced!


Zero turned flighty horse into gentleman

(Sue, Feb 2012)

Hygain ZeroI would like to sincerely thank you for your Hygain products. I have an appaloosa gelding prone to flightiness and obesity but for the past month or so he has been an absolute gentleman because, I feel, due to the HYGAIN ZERO .

I cannot thank you enough as now we can start our dressage tests quietly and calmly – we are doing our first test early May as I was in western before that. It has made such a difference to his general wellbeing and calmness.

I also have a 7 month old colt and have started him on HYGAIN GROTORQUE he loves it too.


Hygain dedication

(Meghan, eb 2012)

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing products!

I use HYGAIN TRU GAIN, HYGAIN MICRBARLEY, HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE, HYGAIN EQUINE SENIOR and HYGIAN GROTORQUE for my ever expanding herd and the results speak for themselves. I will not use any other brand of feed and promote Hygain at every opportunity. I particularly want to say thank you for Tru Gain, this is the only feed to have real results on a rescue TB that would not put weight on any other way.

Keep up the great work!


Senior impresses with remarkable improvement in 26yo

(Vernon, Nov 2011)

Hygain SeniorHi just wanted to say Thank you for your support at Horse of The Year. I was lucky enough to have won runner up in my lead owner rider and Show Hunter of the Year over 16hh. In doing so I won 2 bags of your product HYGAIN EQUINE SENIOR I have started using it on my retired show horse of 26 years and have seen remarkable improvement in both weight and coat I have now recommended it to several other people at our stables for use with three older horses. I will certainly being buying it from now on. So thank you again.

Vernon W.

#30 Day Gleam Trial leaves Jenny impressed

(Jenny, Dec 2010)

Hygain - before and After30 days of HYGAIN GLEAM, normal feeding of pellets and green chaff/ hay nothing else, The after is with NO show shine products WHAT SO EVER!!!!!!! Normal Horse Shampoo, dried and brushed. Exactly thirty days from starting product. Very impressive!!!!


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