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[Video] Preventing and managing Laminitis

Dr Tania Cubitt consulting nutritionist to HYGAIN discusses practical feeding management principles that will help to prevent laminitis in your horse.

If your horse is prone to laminitis or is currently suffering from this painful disease, you will want to help him as best as you can. You need to know what you can and can’t do particularly from a nutritional point of view, to help prevent or manage this disease. Tania discusses various nutritional tips including pasture management and what to look for when selecting a feed for laminitic horses.

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World leading in equine nutrition, HYGAIN ZERO® is a unique Low Carb – Low GI formular for all equines, with less than 1.5% starch, less than 5.5% non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) and absolutely no grain or grain by-products. HYGAIN ZERO® was developed to support the specialized dietary requirements of horses & ponies with conditions such as laminitis, PSSM, cushings, Insulin resistance and grain intolerance.

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