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Welcome to HYGAIN’s new NUTRITION CENTRE. Here you will find the resources to allow you to select the most appropriate feed for your horse, taking into consideration workload, age, pasture and health related issues.

Our NUTRITION CENTRE will provide you with up to date research on equine nutrition, our helpful HYGAIN Feed Advisor and trouble shooting guide, our HYGAIN Horse Weight Calculator, our brand new HYGAIN Nutritube, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and a Nutrition Glossary.

Heanc-articlelth and Nutrition Library

We have put together a wide variety of equien nutrition and health articles written by Dr Tania Cubitt P.h.D. and Dr Steven Duren P.h.D. on the following topics: Understanding the basics, discipline related, common equine ailments, breeding, management issues and feed supplementation.


nc-advisorQuick Feed Advisor & Troubleshooting Guide

The HYGAIN Quick Feed Advisor and Troubleshooting Guide will help you make an informed decision on the right feed to suit your horse.


 nc-weight-calculatorWeight Calculator

The horse’s weight serves as a basic guide to determine feeding requirements and to observe your horse’s health and condition. The HYGAIN Horse Weight Calculator offers a method to estimate your horse’s weight.


nc-nutritubeMy Nutritube

Check out our brand new Hygain educational videos on a wide range of equine nutritional topics.




We have compiled the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers directed to Hygain’s Equine Nutritionist to assist you. Search through the categories and if the answer to your question is still pending, you can always contact us directly here.



We have put together a glossary of equine health and equine nutrition terms for a better understanding and a quick reference point.