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New Product Alert!!

We are excited to introduce the future in equine recovery supplements – the brand new  HYGAIN® RECUPERATE® combining electrolytes and B-Group Vitamins together. “A premium multi-nutrient paste formulated to aid in the rapid recovery of heavily exercised horses and horses under stress, ensuring optimum performance and health. A unique and highly concentrated blend of quality […]

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Antioxidants for horses

Antioxidants for your horse – nature’s own protection

Vitamin E and selenium – a vitamin and a mineral. On first glance these two compounds appear to be very different from each other. However, on closer examination it turns out that they have something in common, they are examples of antioxidants.   What is an antioxidant? Antioxidant is a term that is seen more […]

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Champions Club Recuperate Special

As part of our Champions Club – Loyalty Rewards Program we are offering our brand new HYGAIN RECUPERATE – Electrolyte and B-Group Supplement at a special token amount for October only!  This month you will only need to collect 38 tokens instead of 75 tokens to trial our 200ml Recuperate or 180 tokens instead of […]

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Special GLEAM offer this month only!

YOUR HORSE’S HOOVES We are about to head into the wet-and-warm season of spring, the ideal breeding ground for nasty bacteria! Soft and brittle hooves at this time of the year are the ideal candidates to develop hoof problems like abscesses and seedy-toe. Get in early this year and start supporting your horse’s hoof with […]

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HYGAIN Spring Feed News 2017

While on face value your horse’s manure is just waste to get rid of, on further investigation it is so much more. In our first article we will have a closer look at horse manure, discussing moisture levels including diarrhea and impaction, manure colour and odour and composition of feaces. A simple way to learn […]

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Sport the Hygain Winter Look!

We are super excited to introduce our new HYGAIN 3in1 Jacket to our extensive merchandise range. Multifunctional – The HYGAIN 3in1 Jacket can be worn 3 ways, featuring a waterproof outer shell jacket and a separate polar fleece zip up jumper to be worn individually or combined. Extra warmth – The polar fleece jumper is […]

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Winter Feed News Out Now!

Regular body condition scoring of your horse is a valuable tool for proper horse management.  It is especially important to condition score the horse during winter, when extra energy is utilized to maintain body temperature and the winter hair coat makes visual observation more difficult. Once you have identified the appropriate body condition score for […]

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