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  • Laminitis – Signs and First Aid

    [Video] Laminitis – Signs and First Aid

    Dr Tania Cubitt consulting nutritionist to HYGAIN talks about the most common, disabling and painful disease in horses – laminitis. In this video Tania will explain the early signs of laminitis and first aid treatment. You might be worried your horse may suffer from laminitis or are unsure about how to detect the early signs […]

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  • Timeline of Forage NSC levels


    Research has shown that pasture-induced laminitis occurs at times of rapid grass growth aka SPRING! With the lush spring grass coming through the risk of Laminitis, Obesity and metabolic related disorders is increased. This graph illustrates a timeline of NSC (sugar + starch + fructan) levels in forage, the timeframe of 2 days is displayed […]

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