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  • Diagnostic and Treatment of Gastric Ulcers

    [Video] Diagnostic and Treatment of Gastric Ulcers in Horses

    Join Dr. Ross Teitzel a renowned Equine Veterinarian based in Melbourne, Victoria, talking about the common disorder of gastric ulcers in horses. Dr. Ross Teitzel will give you a brief outline of the condition including some great animation to easily visualize what actually is going on within the horses stomach, the causes, how to treat […]

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  • Feed News Summer 2015

    Feed News Summer 2015

    Summer has hit and it is our responsibility to keep our horses safe and cool during these next few hot months. Unfortunately, most horses don’t have access to air conditioned stalls and so we have to make sure to create an environment that allows our horses to keep cool. Dr Tania Cubitt has put together […]

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