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Winter Feed News Out Now!

Regular body condition scoring of your horse is a valuable tool for proper horse management.  It is especially important to condition score the horse during winter, when extra energy is utilized to maintain body temperature and the winter hair coat makes visual observation more difficult. Once you have identified the appropriate body condition score for your horse, you can evaluate the horse regularly and adjust the feed intake and exercise to maintain the ideal body condition score. Learn how to evaluate your horse’s condition here.

It is that time of the year were we await the arrival of this season’s foals and get the yearlings ready for their first outings. Correct nutrition is key in furthering the healthy development of young horses.  From birth to age two, a young horse can achieve 90 percent or more of its full adult size, sometimes putting on as much as 1.5kg per day. Feeding young horses is a balancing act, as the nutritional start a foal gets can have a profound effect on its health and soundness for the rest of its life. Want to provide the best start in your horse’s life, read our Feed News now!

Click on the photo of the Feed News to download your free copy.

Take care of your horses.

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