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Feeding horses in winter

5 Practical Tips to Winterize your Horse

During cold weather, the horse requires additional energy to maintain its internal body temperature and keep warm. The exact amount of energy depends on the severity and extent of the cold period. When environmental temperatures (including wind chill) drop below 0°C (referred to as the critical temperature), significant amounts of energy are used by the horse […]

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What is Tying up in horse

What is Tying up in horses?

Exertional Rhabdomyolysis, Tying-up, Azoturia, Monday Morning Sickness and Poly Saccharide Storage Myopathy are all names of common muscle metabolism problems. The scientific name for Tying up is rhabdomyolysis, which simply translated means muscle (myo) breakdown (lysis). The causes are several but the result is the same, muscle cramping. In this condition there is massive contraction […]

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Preventing laminitis

Preventing Laminitis

In spring it doesn’t take long for the fresh grass to turn our quiet horses into raving lunatics!  With the spring grass comes the increased risk of Laminitis, Obesity and metabolic related disorders. Research has shown that pasture-induced laminitis occurs at times of rapid grass growth.  The accumulation of certain carbohydrates including fructans, starches, and sugars known […]

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AUTUMN FEED NEWS – Free Download

Off-the-track racehorses are unlikely to need the levels of high starch feed typically fed at the track, however,  they do still need quite a considerable amount of additional calories to maintain their condition and not fall apart. “Fit racehorses have very high lean muscle mass and therefore higher metabolic rates even when not working. This […]

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New & Improved Design

Thanks to the feedback of our wonderful HYGAIN fans, we have updated the design of our HYGAIN Dippers! Now featuring the HYGAIN Dipper Guide printed directly on the scoop, as a quick reference to the amount of feed our HYGAIN dippers can hold when filled up to the top.* Our new & improved  HYGAIN Dippers […]

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Champions Club Special

We are jumping into the New Year with an incredible special for all our Champions Club members and are offering FREE SHIPPING for any HYGAIN Champions Club redemptions received in January!! Simply log in to your exclusive Champions Club portal, download the Redemption form, select the items you wish to redeem your tokens for and […]

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10% off on all items at the HYGAIN online store

We are celebrating Christmas at HYGAIN with an amazing online store special for the month of December! Get 10% off all items… yes, that’s all items in our online store ranging from our popular must-have merchandise collection to our top quality equine supplements. Plus free shipping on all orders over $50.00! Don’t miss out and […]

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Summer Feed News – Download Now!

HYGAIN SUMMER FEED NEWS – Free Download   Summer is here! With rising temperatures our horses produce a greater amount of sweat and therefore may lose critical nutrients. Exercise generates a great deal of heat that must either be dissipated from the body or stored. The dissipation of heat is very important, because if a […]

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2018 HYGAIN Calendar – Available in store soon!

  We could not be happier with our 2018 HYGAIN Photo Calendar featuring 12 beautiful images that were sent in as part of our photo competition. Big congratulations to the cover photo winner Anne Y. on capturing this truly ‘Aussie’ photo of Kage with his blue heeler Carso and warmblood Sebastion at the Horse Shepherd […]

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