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[Video] – How to feed foals, weanlings and yearlings?

Dr Tania Cubitt consulting nutritionist to HYGAIN talks about feeding your growing horse from foal, to weanling through to a yearling. A lot of time, money and hopes are put into your new arrival and you wish a happy, healthy and successful life for them. That means you have to put in the hard work now to ensure your foal turns into the star you want him to become. The most common questions in raising a young horse are: When should I start feeding my foal, what should I feed, how much, when do I have to adjust the feeding amounts and what should I look for when putting together his diet?
Tania admits it is not easy and varies a lot depending on the individual horse, but we will provide you with some simple guidelines in this video to help answer your questions and make sure you provide your filly or colt with a well-balanced diet.


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