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Chronic weight loss in horses

Chronic Weight Loss in Horses

Weight loss is simply a result of more calories being used by the body than are being consumed.  There are several potential causes of chronic weight loss in horses such as poor quality or limited feed supply, health problems and disease as well as social interaction and competition between horses. Chronic weight loss can also […]

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Skinny horse - weight gain

Feeding for Weight Gain

How to feed horses for weight gain is a commonly asked question. Some horses do not maintain their bodyweight easily and it can prove a real challenge to keep them at an ideal weight. Ultimately your horse’s ribs should not be visible but they should be easily felt if you run your hand along your […]

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feeding for coat health - hygain

Feeding for Coat Health

Everyone wants to see their horses with a sleek, glowing coat and not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because the quality of a horse’s hair coat is directly related to his overall health. Providing the horse with plenty of roughage and a balanced diet along with an effective parasite control regime, sufficient exercise and […]

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Feeding the hot or fizzy horse

Feeding the hot or fizzy Horse

Most horse owners have heard the terms  ‘feeling their oats‘,‘high’, ‘fizzy’, ‘hot’ and  ‘hyper’ all used to describe the effect that grain or certain feeds seem to have on the behaviour of some horses.  Does feeding management or individual feed ingredients really influence the behaviour of horses?  Scientific research on the effects of feed or […]

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Feeding the Dressage Horse

Feeding the Dressage horse

Dressage requires power, athleticism, concentration and obedience from the horse. The type of work required from a dressage horse could be compared to a cross between weight lifting and ballet in human terms and requires the development of muscle. Feeding to achieve all of these aims can be difficult, too much energy and the control […]

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essential omega fat

Essential Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids in horses

Recent advertisements have focused on the use of Omega-3 supplements for horses, usually containing flaxseed meal, rice bran oil, vegetable oil, or fish oil.  Studies in humans have found many health benefits with supplementation of Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet.  While research benefits for horses have not been as numerous, Omega-3 supplementation shows potential […]

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Hygain RBO Horse Feed Supplement

Rice Bran Oil – facts and benefits?

Many surprising benefits have been attributed to the addition of fat to the equine diet and there are many oils available to the consumer; canola, maize, soybean and blends of these to name a few. All have similar levels of energy and omega essential fatty acid profiles. For the first time in Australia a new […]

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Benefits of feeding fats to horses

Benefits of feeding fats to horses

Introduction Enhancing horse productivity and wellbeing has drawn considerable interest in feeding fat supplemented diets to horses. Much of this interest has been prompted by a significant amount of research on the subject over the last ten years. Whilst several unknown aspects of specific fatty acid nutrition in the horse still exist, the caloric and […]

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calming feeds

Metabolic Disorders in the Modern Horse

Horses are grazing herbivores that live in herds when in their natural environment. They are designed to walk over long distances consuming a variety of forages constantly throughout the day. So what is the “modern horse”? The modern domesticated horse is housed and managed by humans – this consists of a variety of management strategies […]

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