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best type of hay for horses

What type of roughage is best for your horse?

Roughage, such as hay and pasture is critical for the health and well-being of all horses. Understanding the design, function and reliance of the horse’s digestive system on roughage is the first step in appreciating the critical value of roughage. Understanding what’s in forage, the types and physical forms of forage and importance of roughage […]

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hindgut acidosis explained easy horse

Hindgut acidosis in horses

You’ve most likely heard of the ‘low-starch’ trend in horse feeds, but what are the health reasons and benefits behind this trend? Many health disorders, such as laminitis and colic, are associated with hindgut acidosis which results from a starch overload in the digestive system. Hindgut acidosis is an excessive acidity in the horse’s hindgut, […]

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The horse's digestive system explained via video

[Video] The Horse’s Digestive System

An inside view into the horses digestive system!! Join Dr Ross Teitzel a renowned Equine Veterinarian based in Melbourne, Victoria, stepping you through the horses digestive tract from head to tail. Dr. Ross Teitzel will discuss the specific structure and functions that make up the digestive system of the horse alongside detailed animation to give […]

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Micronizing - improved feed efficiency

Feed processing: to help not harm

Depending on the processing method, the feed may look different varying from pellets to flaked grains and extruded nuggets, but is this just for aesthetic reasons or are there nutritional purposes? What does processing actually mean and why is it beneficial for my horse? All these questions will be answered in this short article, highlighting […]

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Processing Grains - website

[Video] Why is it important to process grains before feeding to horses?

HYGAIN National Territory Manager Martin Connell will give you a better understanding of various feed processing methods and how these directly affect your horse. When walking into the feed store you are provided with so many different brands and types of feeds. Some feeds are rolled, cracked, boiled, pelleted, extruded or micronized, a big variety […]

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Horse's Digestive System

The horse’s digestive system

The horse is a non-ruminant herbivore. Non-ruminant means that horses do not have multi-compartmented stomachs as cattle do. Instead, the horse has a simple stomach that works much like a human’s. Herbivore means that horses live on a diet of plant material. The equine digestive tract is unique in that it digests portions of its […]

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