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Summer Feed News – Download Now!



Summer is here! With rising temperatures our horses produce a greater amount of sweat and therefore may lose critical nutrients. Exercise generates a great deal of heat that must either be dissipated from the body or stored. The dissipation of heat is very important, because if a large amount of heat is stored, body temperature will rise to dangerous levels. Do you know how much water and nutrients your horse loses during exercise in warm weather conditions? Find out here.

Horse’s rely on roughage for digestive health, it is therefore critical we understand and care for our pastures. Part o good pasture management is mowing! We will talk you through what pasture might need mowing and it’s potential benefits. We will also cover practical questions such as at what height you should mow your pasture grass and any safety concerns thereafter.

Click on the photo of the Feed News to download your free copy.

Take care of your horses.

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