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HYGAIN Smoochies – Yummy treats for your horse

(4 customer reviews)


Smoochies®, your crunchy baked heart-shaped biscuits, made from the freshest wholesome Aussie produce, with the full flavour sensation of Fenugreek, ideal as a training reward or just simply as a gesture of love.

Details about HYGAIN Smoochies here.

• Crunchy crisp biscuits in the form of a heart.
• Delicious all-natural gourmet flavour – Super tasty
• Carefully selected wholesome Aussie produce – no added sugar
• Resealable bags for freshness.
• Pocket size for convenience – Sneak a few treats in your pocket for a snack on the road.
• HYGAIN Quality Guarantee! – Proudly produced by our state of the art extrusion process.


Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 16 × 5 × 24 cm

4 reviews for HYGAIN Smoochies – Yummy treats for your horse

  1. Paige osborn

    My fussy OTTB absolutely loves smoochies, I’ve tried apples and carrots and he wouldn’t touch them. Hygain smoochies are the first treat he has actually eaten and I believe they are would brought out his quirky and curious personality

  2. Naomi

    My daughters pony adores these. Great treat for the fussy pony. He was catching us not the other way around.

  3. Jennifer Maddison

    Unbelievable how they love the Smoochies.
    Even for the Fussy horses they will at least attemp them. Spat them out for the first few Attempts but Eventually realized they where too Good to Miss out while my Other Horses Couldnt get enough of them.
    Great idea. Great idea Hygain.

  4. Nikita Osborne

    My horses just LOVE LOVE LOVE their smoochies. They know exactly where they live in the tack room and will walk in the door/knock things of the shelf to get to them. Some even perform their “stretches” routine on their own in anticipation for the smoochies!!

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