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Free Download – Exercises to calm the ‘Hot Horse’



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Horses can be ‘hot’ for a variety of reasons ranging from poor management, bad training, incorrect feeding to not enough work or it may be due to their natural temperament. Some horse’s get so worked up that they lose concentration on their rider/handler and may suffer from physical ailments such as stomach ulcers, tying-up and other muscle injuries.

Our fantastic team of sponsored riders have shared their best tips and practices with us in regards to training the ‘hot’ horse and how we can assist our horses through specific exercises to become more relaxed.

What will I get from this article? 

  • We discuss possible causes that may provoke hot behaviour
  • Training and Riding Basics – The do’s and Don’ts
  • 5 Ground Work exercises
  • Correct Lunging
  • Lateral and Jumping Exercises
  • How to calm your horse at competitions


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