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Author Archive | Tania Cubitt, PhD

Feeding horses in winter

5 Practical Tips to Winterize your Horse

During cold weather, the horse requires additional energy to maintain its internal body temperature and keep warm. The exact amount of energy depends on the severity and extent of the cold period. When environmental temperatures (including wind chill) drop below 0°C (referred to as the critical temperature), significant amounts of energy are used by the horse […]

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[Video] Understanding laminitis and its causes

Dr Tania Cubitt consulting nutritionist to HYGAIN talks about the most common, disabling and most painful disease in horses – laminitis. In this video you will discover what laminitis is, what it looks like within the horse (we have great animation to show the whole process) and further investigate digestive and metabolic causes. By the […]

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Feed News - Spring'14

Feed News Spring 2014

The HYGAIN Spring Feed News 2014 is out, download your copy now! Show season is around the corner and with the start of spring we have to think about getting our horse’s ready for this year’s competition season! Apart from bringing our four legged stars back into training, we also need to work on the […]

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feeding for coat health - hygain

Feeding for Coat Health

Everyone wants to see their horses with a sleek, glowing coat and not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because the quality of a horse’s hair coat is directly related to his overall health. Providing the horse with plenty of roughage and a balanced diet along with an effective parasite control regime, sufficient exercise and […]

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Body Condition Scoring Chart

The Art of Body Condition Scoring

All horse owners want their horses to be healthy, look good and be physically fit athletes. Nutritional management is a simple, yet cost effective tool that we can apply to ensure, improved performance and health in our horses. Body condition scoring serves as an effective tool to determine the nutritional needs of your horse. Using […]

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Nutrient deficiencies in horses - Horses in paddock

Nutrient Deficiencies in Equine Diets

Horses, like all animals, have a range of nutrient requirements to meet their daily needs. If these minimum requirements are not met, the horse may experience deficiency symptoms. The severity of the deficiency symptoms may depend on the degree of the deficiency and the time period over which the deficiency exists. A sub-clinical deficiency may […]

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